Sublime Text 2 : the "killer" source editor !

Walking the web, i've found the ultimate text editor. A multi-platform editor It's like TextMate on OS-X and bring a lots of fantastic feature like a "distraction free" mode, displaying your current text in a fullscreen format without anything els...

Activer Apache 2.2 + Tomcat 6.0.x + Authentification Windows (french post)

Activer Apache 2.2 + Tomcat 6.0.x + Authentification Windows ? possible sous Windows ! Installation en 3 temps : Installation des logiciels Apache : Tomcat 2.2.17 :

Chrome as a portable software

To get a Chrome as a portable app, you can:1. Download the following (old) app 2. DIY !Get edition,Unzip it in your prefer...

RedCar, it’s not a red car !

RedCar is a brand new programmer's editor ruby oriented, and ruby developed. And on of the main feature of this new text editor, it's to be JRuby compatible natively ! A good news for the multiplatform be tested to help dev team to improv...

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