Tobi, is not a dog, but a Functional Test framework !

Tobi ! Get' there ! No, I am not calling back my smart dog, but trying to integrate Tobi (a functional testing framework) into a beautiful web site. THat's the fact, Tobi is a javascript API with a Human Language Oriented methods to test some web ...

French web pages for McGivrer !

You can now discover my own tests on Google Sites with the McGivrer's Web Pages site.If you are "french" friendly, and can read french language, please, come and visit this sample site.

HTML5+CSS3 – start of the first experience !

Discovering HTML5 and CSS3, I'm on the road of creating a small PHP framework (already seen here) to produce easily some WebSite in a fast and stardard respect way. Here is the first flight for my new framework, still buggy and have some weird beh...

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