X360 – Mini Ninja – Magna Carta 2

As I'm a big fan of videogame and for many years, there are 2 small games I'd like to get.The first one is Mini Ninja, a smart platform and adventure game, looking like and old playstation2 game named "Legend of kay". A great game with a Nature to...


X360 – Fable II, next big hit ?

Waiting for this game since I've bought the X360 (last may), I hope that the developper studio won't crash on some standard errors of the RPG/Adventure/acton game.This kind of game i exactly what I'm waiting about a game: - some kills to manage,- ...

X360 – Two Worlds

Two Worlds is not this crappy game that the video games journalists want us to trust in ! It's a great RPG ala Oblivion, but don't want to do the same. It's just another way to explore the vast space of this kind of game: open RPG. Even if some cl...

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