Mozilla Thunderbird

And now, I'm trying to use the Thunderbid client. And I have to tell you that it's really better ! A real WYSIWYG editor to be able to edit your message as you want. Inserting images where you want, as you want 😉 and you can see it ! I think I'll...


Sylpheed Claws Mails

Claws is a small mail cient, with small but VERY fast capacities. Editing mail is only in text mode, no HTML 😦 But it's a part of the speed capacity of this tool. You can only attached file to the post but can't add inline an image. so, let's try...

Need a post to celebrate tags !

Thanks to Sachin answering more fast than light and thunder when help is needed !I've just discover the Tags possibility from post through mail via the "((tags1, tag2, tag3)) possibility.I need a post to celebrate this innovation ! Posterous is th...

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