An interesting feature for Gmail : the preview panel

An interesting feature has been added to the Gmail Labs: a useful preview panel, wich can be disposed as you want:First go to the preferences in google mail account : click the gear on right side : Done !Thanks to Google labs 😉


Another concurrent: Evolution

The other well known mail client in the inu Gnome world id Evolution, the free work suite solution for entreprise. The soft is very powerfull and well featured, but a little bit too slow for my poor Celeron M 900MHz on my EeePC 900 ! So, even if i...

Mozilla Thunderbird

And now, I'm trying to use the Thunderbid client. And I have to tell you that it's really better ! A real WYSIWYG editor to be able to edit your message as you want. Inserting images where you want, as you want 😉 and you can see it ! I think I'll...

Sylpheed Claws Mails

Claws is a small mail cient, with small but VERY fast capacities. Editing mail is only in text mode, no HTML 😦 But it's a part of the speed capacity of this tool. You can only attached file to the post but can't add inline an image. so, let's try...

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