SqlDeveloper on Ubuntu

How to install Oracle Sql Developer on Ubuntu ? This post can be considered as a second part of the new ubuntu success story :Set a Java Development workstation on Ubuntu Inspired by : https://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=2302774 ...


CIBox : the main script !

Here, you will find a small shell script to start/stop all services whoose rules a standard Continuous Integration server embedding Sonar, Jenkins, and a tomcat7 hosting SCMManager and Nexus. the following gist will show off all the truth : Refere...

Restore backlight on Ubuntu ?

Using Ubuntu as main OS for years now on all Laptop and desktop at home, I am regularly in front of common problems. But one of the most anoying is the "backlight off bug", Sometimes, after kernel update, my laptop LCD decide to stay off, for unkn...

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