My first Hobo application: My Library

Hello, just as I have published the previous article about Hobo, discovering the full featured rails over layer framework, I can't wait to publish my first test: creating a very simple Web Application to manage a library. The first step is just to...


Ubuntu 8.10 on EeePC 900 : easy mode !

Note:First thing to get it working is to be sure you will be able to connect your netbook to ethernet in wire mode. ---- Installation of Ubuntu 8.10 Live on a USB key. The best way to do rule this part is to use the famous UnetBootIn. this tool wi...

Ubuntu 8.04 on the EeePC 900

A you now, I've recently bought an ASUS EeePC 900 with a 16Gb SSD, with the Xandros Linux modified version. But as I'm a Geek, I've installed an Ubuntu version designed for this micro laptop (netbook in good engish): ubuntu-eee. But, crowling on t...

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