Gnome-Do and Docky, or the user oriented interface

You know how you have some automated behaviour when you are working on a computer: how to open a file, how to launch any tool, etc... So you know how Microsoft Windows contribute to open Computer to people, but also how it contributes to format "U...


Gnome Shell

One of the next best evolution of gnome 3 has a name: Gnome ShellIt's a great change in the desktop concept. On the same screen, you are able to launch application, find last document, create, delete, select a virtual desktop in an all-in-on full ...

Another concurrent: Evolution

The other well known mail client in the inu Gnome world id Evolution, the free work suite solution for entreprise. The soft is very powerfull and well featured, but a little bit too slow for my poor Celeron M 900MHz on my EeePC 900 ! So, even if i...

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