Github Git & GPG survivor guide

Create and configure a GPG key Install gpg See the Official page Or simply execute : $> npn install gpg Create a GPG key Execute the following command to obtain a RSA 4096 key : $> gpg --full-generate-key -- List generated Keys $> gpg --list-secret-keys --keyid-format LONG this will display something like : /c/Users/frede/.gnupg/pubring.kbx... Lire la Suite →

Gollum and Ubuntu

For some weeks now, I am testing and experimenting features from I've clearly been impressed by the large scope of features offered by the free edition: Manage Projects, Manage groups and users in da group create and manage git repository (sic:) propose a full CD/CI pipeline manage issurs and merge request (like pull request... Lire la Suite →

Git and Jenkins

How to setup some of the git global configuration ? a common issue with git in  Jenkins environment is to set user and mail global config. In fact, you can define some environment variables on Jenkins global configuration.  navigate to Jenkins -> manage Jenkins -> global configuration and select global properties: This setting corresponding to... Lire la Suite →

GitLab ? Github like !

How many people are using github for their own works but can't use such plateform inside their customer IT ? This is the question GitLab try to answer with a sort of github fork, integrating as much functionalities as the Git platform reference. Installation of gitlab is actually a bit tricky. A lot of opération must... Lire la Suite →

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