Ubuntu 8.10 on EeePC 900 : easy mode !

Note:First thing to get it working is to be sure you will be able to connect your netbook to ethernet in wire mode. ---- Installation of Ubuntu 8.10 Live on a USB key. The best way to do rule this part is to use the famous UnetBootIn. this tool wi...


how this *%??$??^??* of WPA AES-CCMP Wifi will work on my EeePC 900

I'm trying to make connection to a WPA AES-CCMP crypted Wireless network from my EeePC 900 running Ubuntu 8.04.1, but with no success. MAC address (HWAddress ?) has been autorised on the french "livebox" modem router. Wireless network has been con...

Three new tools on my EeePC 900

Micro blogging, updated sites detection, and fast launching anything on my netbook running Ubuntu eee 8.04.1 is what is now possible thank to the following fabulous tools: Gwibber It's a webkit based poster for any blog/twitter/facebook platform. ...


EeePC + Ubuntu + Locked session

Since I've installed Ubuntu-eee on my EeePc 900, i've notice a strange behaviour of the X server. Each time I locked my session, i was unable to unlock it with my right password while I could connect on a new session... Digging the google ground (...


Ubuntu 8.04 on the EeePC 900

A you now, I've recently bought an ASUS EeePC 900 with a 16Gb SSD, with the Xandros Linux modified version. But as I'm a Geek, I've installed an Ubuntu version designed for this micro laptop (netbook in good engish): ubuntu-eee. But, crowling on t...


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