Run Eclipse mars.2 on Ubuntu 16.04

I am a java dev. you already know it, or if not, just trust me, I am used to develop Java apps 🙂 So as a java developper, I am using Eclipse. At Home, I am running Uuntu on all my laptops. Eclipse Mars.2 does not work out of the box on this version !!!!!... Lire la Suite →

Maven+Jetty in Eclipse to debug ?

Some difficulties to execute and develop quickly a webapp consists in configuring a Java web app server. one of the simplest solution is to use the jetty server with the maven plugin into Eclipse. Here is the way how to configure all those compone...

ShellEd, a shell editor plugin for Eclipse

All unix afficionados must have to install such a plugin on their workstation ! This Eclipse plugin is a syntax highter for shell scripts and is able to execute these. More than just an editor, it is totaly integrated with another dependency on th...

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