NodeJS / Express, Premiers pas ! – part 4

Nous avons développé notre premier “Hello World”. Il nous faut maintenant aborder le vrai mode de développement, a savoir un éditeur de code digne de ce nom, et surtout, un mode débuggage digne de ce nom.


Linux + python + some dependencies = Web Browser !

It's amazing to see what you are able to create with a small piece of code and a Great UI designer like Glade (for gnome).Please, go, see and test the following video : Have Fun and Code Now !

PHP framework on the go…

As I have already mention it, I am working on a personal project of a PHP framework. Plubished to the world through my Github account, I am building a sample project named "Games", or "Games Request" depends which templates you have selected. This...

Hobo: Step 4 – adding a cover image

As we've now get a running web application to manage our library, I propose you to add an image field management to our Book model.To manage this part, we are going to need 3 things:an imaging tool like mini_magick or image_magick, the paperclip p...

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