Next Step in coder tooling ?

Why not using an intuitive language to explain to other language what to do ? This is the basic idea for the "Zen Coding" tool ! Just write some simple hieroglyph like line bellow, and execute the "zen coding transformation": #page>div.logo+ul#nav...


CSS: how to reset default value in a multi browsers scope ?

Already have to produce web page to public target ? And by public i mean out of intranet or extranet of the world of enterprise, targetting any public.Yes ?So the first thing to do before creating a CSS styles sheet is to start from the same point...

Web Font: here we are !

Did you already dream, as a web designer, to embed your own Fonts in your web page ( without using dynamic images, I mean 😉 ?Yes ? so please, switch your old scrappy web browser to a brand new Goggle Chrome 4.x or Safari 4 to be able to show you ...

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