X360 out of order !

Et voila, ce qui devait finir par arriver est arriv?? ! Ma console Xbox 360 datant de juin 2008 a rendu l'??me. Enfin, pas vraiment, mais plutot partiellement: seulement 2 / 4 des voyants rouge s'affichent apr??s environ 3 minutes de jeu...J'ai su...


X720 ?

Will next year be the birth of the next Microsoft console X720 ? According to the new web buzz, it seems to be right... Wait and see.

Next games in my collection

Scanning sometime last hits from the game industry, I'm fed off with big blockbusters, the ones that everybody get and play with ! Having some game experience with smallest ones. Here are some of the next ones that will populate my own collection:...

X360 – Mini Ninja – Magna Carta 2

As I'm a big fan of videogame and for many years, there are 2 small games I'd like to get.The first one is Mini Ninja, a smart platform and adventure game, looking like and old playstation2 game named "Legend of kay". A great game with a Nature to...

X360 – Fable II, next big hit ?

Waiting for this game since I've bought the X360 (last may), I hope that the developper studio won't crash on some standard errors of the RPG/Adventure/acton game.This kind of game i exactly what I'm waiting about a game: - some kills to manage,- ...

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