Spring-Boot adventures

Spring Boot is the last Smart micro-service offered by the big Spring. This post series will try to explain how to go with such framework to publish a small blog application to Heroku with a minimalist but usefull guide. Pre-requisite We want an angularjs based front-end, and a Spring-boot backend, providing some basic internal metrics about... Lire la suite →


Grunt go wild and crash

Using grunt for a while now, I was in front of an unknown behavior for this kind of tool... Using my all time running well $> grunt serve command, suddendly, after a bad karma installation,  I was in front of  : Waiting...Fatal error: watch ENOSPC Then I digg the dugg and found the graal on the... Lire la suite →

AngularJS directive to manage Checkbox list

Browsing the web to find a solution to maintain a list of data bind to a list of checkbox in an AngularJS view, I've found the following plunker http://plnkr.co/edit/3YNLsyoG4PIBW6Kj7dRK?p=preview proposing a very good solution, working in most of the cases.


How to create a brand new angularjs app with yeoman

How to create a brand new angularjs app with yeoman Do you yeoman ? No ? So here is the right luminous way to use yo and his brothers, grunt and bower. Installation This is the first “un-avoidable” step when you want to use a new tool or technology. To follow next steps, you are... Lire la suite →


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