Maven + Sublime Text 2/3: Right choice !

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Some IDE are really good, IntelliJ, Eclipse, and NetBeans are ones of those. But, one of the main thing I can have against such tools is memory and CPU consomption ! For some weeks, I am using a fantastic text editor name « Sublime Text 2« . And has a Java « evangelist » and developer, I can not wait to try to use such editor with my favorite language. So I need to build my project. I am used to run some maven tools 🙂 to compile, package (and so on…)

Happily, I’ve discovered on the web ZE « Sublime Text » plugin I need : « Maven » ! Yes this is the name of the plugin.

you will find it


Update 2016-JAN-08
This git repo does not exist anymore ! Please, see the instead of.  similar functionalities around maven with a better integration 😉

Just copy the Maven cloned directory to the

~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages path

restart (if it is running) the Sublime Text editor.

Open your maven project and just press the [CTRL]+[B] a small state bar appear on bottom window where a default « clean test » is proposed. And you can write your own goal 🙂 the only thing you must have set before is the standard maven environment variables.


Have fun !



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