GitLab ? Github like !

How many people are using github for their own works but can’t use such plateform inside their customer IT ?

This is the question GitLab try to answer with a sort of github fork, integrating as much functionalities as the Git platform reference.

Installation of gitlab is actually a bit tricky. A lot of opération must be performed in a DIY way. But challenge is great and result count !

Developped on a Ruby platform, it’s tailored for the debian/ubuntu platform. Current version is stable-5.2.

The installation guide is well written and easily  understandable. Just have to follow steps and run your own GitLab server in an hour.

  • Dashboard
view of the gitlab dashborad page
User GitLab Dashboard
  • Project management
View of the project management page in gitlab.
GitLab project managament
  • The issue management
view of GitLab on the Issues management page.
Issues management with GitLab

The VERY easy way to try and run GitLab is to use a GitLab Vm from BitNami.

  1. Download
  2. Run

That’s all !

In a next post I’ll show you how this master software piece can help team management and agile project success.

Have fun !



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