Maven and multi-platform java project ?

Maven and profiles activation Working on a Java training about SWT, I am in front of a bother issue : multi-platform ! I mean, on this specific API, SWT, the needed JAR depends on the target os/platform. So, managing such thing, I am using the spe...


Continuous Integration with Maven on a Git project

How to create a continuous integration pipe for any maven+git application ? !! Updated !! Added SCM-Manager and some Android building dependencies to improve CI platform. My last goal was to create and install a full working pipe of Continue Integ...

Move to Strasbourg neibourghood : Done !

More than an hundred of boxes, we are finally installed in Hochfelden, 20 kms north of Strasbourg, France. See bellow our beautiful typical "Alsacian" House architecture Now just have to finish unboxing all our stuff and for my son, go back to sch...

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