Move HOME to another Drive !

Moving HOME from command line

_from: Moving HOME from command line

To avoid side effects while working in a graphical environment we should perform all actions to move HOME from a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+F1.

Temporarily mount the new partition

sudo mkdir /mnt/tmp sudo mount /dev/sdb1/ mnt/tmp

assuming /sdb1 is the new partition for HOME

Copy HOME to the new location:

sudo rsync -avx /home/ /mnt/tmp

We then may mount the new partition as HOME with sudo mount /dev/dsb1 /home to make sure all data are present. Easiest is to delete the old /home at this point (you could do this later but then you will have to boot a live system to see the old home):

sudo umount /home #unmount the new home first!??
rm -rf /home/* #deletes the old home

Make HOME permanent

We need to know the UUID of the new partition for the fstab entry seen from:

sudo blkid

Note or copy/paste the correct UUID to edit your fstab with

sudo nano /etc/fstab #or any other editor

and add the following line at the end:

UUID=<noted number from above> /home ext4 defaults 0 2

Take care to choose the appropriate filesystem here, e.g. ext3 if ext3 formatted


After a reboot your /home resides on the new drive having plenty of space.


Have Fun !




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