ARt’s part !

IU've discovered years ago a fantastic Art studio : LebedevSee and visit there art, based on paper cut and paste ;) Have fun !McG.

How to deal with PermGenError on tomcat instance ?

I have juste been confronted to some PermGenSize Error on a tomcat instance containing big apps (I known, it's not THE right solution to run apps...)so to deal wioyjh such issue, i've modified Tomcat JAVA_OPTS like bellow: Tomcat permgen size erro...

CI for a Maven+Git project

How to create a continuous integration pipe for any maven+git application ? My last goal was to create and install a full working pipe of Continue Integration for my Java "mavenized" and "gitified" projects. Using our good old pals Jenkins and Sonar, with my older pal ubuntu in a VM, we were able to create... Lire la Suite →

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