E@syWebApp – step 2

The last « release » identified by the 0.0.4-SNAPSHOT is on the go !

Not all features as I had expected have already been implemented, but Template, ORM and basic mechanisms like Dispatcher, AppController and DaoGeneric are ready at run.

Just go and clone the HEAD of branch master :

git clone https://bitbucket.org/McGivrer/easywebapp.git
cd easywebapp

and try the following maven command line :

mvn clean install jetty:run

figure 1 – Build with maven, run with Jetty plugin

Just go to the http://localhost:8080/  and enjoy  😀

figure 2 – Main index page

figure 3 – « show post » page

Next step, integrate Form parsing and mapping to entities.

the targeted design is something like the followin screen capture (mock) :
figure 4 – Next design integration ?

Have fun !



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