E@syWebApp: java web on an easy way !


I have just started working a new small project to develop a new blog engine based on my favorite language (platform): Java.

Even if I like working with complexe framework like Spring, Hibernate, JSF, RichFaces, I can’t imagine working with such component to perform a good and flexible weblog engine.

So, in my haunt, I am « manufacturing » a brand new concept (non, it’s a joke like the well makerted « Web2.0 » was one 🙂 an hibernate database access engine, with a servlet based actions rendering pages through the Groovy language.

The embedded components are:
  • Log4J
  • Hibernate
  • Groovy
  • Servlet api 3.0
Development is agile oriented through the embedded Jetty server with the maven build system. 
Using Eclipse uppon all these fantastic tools and api is an easy way to the faaaast developping process. 

In a futur step, I’ll add a Quartz module to be able to run batch process. A native user’s management system will be added too. (first in a database oriented way, and hope to have some oportunity to produce an LDAP version).

This is my own roadmap for such a project.

Solution is clearly inspired by the playframework, but I did not agree with the direction such framework go into: Scala !

Scala need to learn a new language (and a complex one).  And working for big enteprise, I know that invest in a new platform is not an easy decision. So I’d like to get the flexibility of the PLay framework but on the well known Java platform.

E@seWebApp raise from my foggy minds 😉

For those who are curious about what a « McGyver » can produce with a swiss knife and chewwing gum, here is a small extract of the WIP project (extracted from my personnal bitbucket repos).

If anybody is interested in playing with some java pieces of code, just contact me through the comments part of this web haunt.


Have fun !



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  1. @carloschacin the repository is open. but be carreful, only tagged v0.0.1 version can be executed as I am working on the ORM integration (without SPRING).

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