How to solve REALTEK 8192 driver on Ubuntu ?

Using for 2 years a Samsung R580 laptop, I am in front of a annoying issue relaying on thethe realtek R8192e_pci for wifi device.

Each time I am closing the screen, the laptop switch to hibernate mode. But when I open it again, Wifi stay off !

So here is the solution:


This will install the module at boot time.

An addtional note. This wireless driver seems to cause problems with the power manager sleep (suspend) and hibernate modes. There is a fix for this that worked on my netbook. Edit /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/55NetworkManager to read as shown below adding the lies in bold:


case "$1" in  hibernate|suspend)   modprobe -r r8192e_pci    suspend_nm   ;;  thaw|resume)   modprobe r8192e_pci    resume_nm   ;;  *)   exit $NA    ;; esac

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