For a few montyhes now, I was forbiden to play with my X360 because of RedRing sort of ! Yes, not the red ring of the death, but a similar failure: overheat !  2 red led were lighted.

So, thank to Internet and 'the' fantastic search engine, I have discovered this web site: www.ifixeit.com.

And about the X360 Microsoft console, there is a pletor of "tutorials" and "how tos" to maintain your favorite console in a normal running condition !

Thanks to this one; http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Reflowing-Xbox-360-Motherboard/5845/1, I was able to solve my Xbox issue, with a … Heat Gun !

So now, I am able to play with my 2 last games, bought just before the big fail:

jaquette-need-for-speed-hot-pursuit-xbox-360-cover-avant-p.jpg jaquette-enslaved-odyssey-to-the-west-xbox-360-cover-avant-p.jpg

Great !

And thanks to Florian for his HeatGun !

5 minutes under the toaster tool, and my X360 run for a second life, rebirth from their ashes, like a the Phoenix !

Ok, ok…  I am a little bit over optimistic. but from a 3 minutes play run before fixing, The console is running for more than 30 minutes without any hiccup.