Tomcat6 and the Play!framework on Ubuntu (for newbie!)


I have just installed a brand new Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop, and one of my first need was to deploy a Playframework java application.

So I need a Tomcat 6 instance for « Java Runable » purpose.

Tomcat installation
So, just read this guide: ubuntu-fr tomcat installation and click this « click-to-install » link: tomcat6,tomcat6-admin,tomcat6-example. If the APT protocol is not installed on your ubuntu linux, just try :

frederic@nostromo6:~$ sudo apt-get install tomcat6,

if you try to access the http://localhost:8080/

you will must obtain the following page :
figure 1 -Tomcat 6 is now installe dand ready to use.
User Tomcat path
To be able to isolate your own work from the Tomcat server instance, you have to install with the following link apt://tomcat6-user  the  « by-user-instance » oriented package for Apache Tomcat server.

If not PAT protocole is installed, just use  the good old command line:

frederic@nostromo6:~$ sudo apt-get install tomcat6-user

Then in your prefered shell command terminal, execute the following command:

frederic@nostromo6:~$ tomcat6-instance-create ~/tools/tomcat6
                      -p 8088 -w 8008

Then you are able to start  this Tomcat 6 instance with a 


To start your own tomcat on port 8088. (note: the control port will be 8008).

To ask tomcat server to stop, send a « SHUTDOWN » ASCII string to port 8008.

Yes, Tomcat 6 is now installed on your computer. you are ready to deploy your Play! Framework based application:

play war myplayapp -o myplayapp.war

Just copy the produced myplayapp.war to the [tomcat_server_path]/webapps/ directory, Tomcat cat will auto deploy the war and you will just have to open your stared browser to http://localhost:8080/myplayapp/.

figure 2 – Your first empty Play!framework application deployed on Tomcat

Job done !
Have good time with the fabulous Play!framework.
to be continued…

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  1. apt protocole is not authorized on posterous platform… you will need to understand "tomcat6,tomcat6-admin,tomcat6-example" as "apt://tomcat6,tomcat6-admin,tomcat6-example" link, and the "apt://tomcat6-user" link ad the runnable link "apt://tomcat6-user".Have fun.

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