What to say about Trends ?

Just run the following google trends: Iphone is explosing, Android quitly raise, and other OS are decreasing...But is it the right analysis ?wait and see...


My first (unuseful) Firefox plugin !

I have just discover https://builder.mozillalabs.com/ and I can not do less than testing it !So, ythis is the code of my First Firefox Plugin. yes, totally unuseful, but it's a test ! var widgets = require("widget"); var tabs = require("tabs");var...

RubyOnRails 2.3.4 on Win32 system !

Yes, working for several years on Web develoment, I was an afficionados, 2 or 3 years ago, of the fantastic ROR !But, for the lasts years, i was full fitted to JavaEE platform due to international project for a Big Customer manufacturing wheels (a...

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