Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my Samsung R580


I have just received my new laptop, and have already installed Ubuntu as my default OS. Only one thing remain unreachable, the Brigthness control 😦

But, thanks to the voria (https://launchpad.net/~voria/+archive/ppa) PPA , I am able to use, network, Wifi, and all other features as suspend, hibernate and so on.

Ubuntu needed cheat sheet for this PPA:


2 commentaires sur “Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my Samsung R580

  1. Glad to have your positive report, I’m considering buying an R580 and would install Ubuntu on it (dual boot). Now I know it would work, and where to find the necessary patches. Thank you.Slight problem with your link to the voria PPA: ‘)’ on the end of the URL.

  2. Hello my name is cristian Andre, and I’m from Coquimbo – Chile.I have a Samsung R580 laptop, and I’d have UBUNTU on my laptop ….but I have fear: S. .. that something bad happens to my laptop, or it stops working well ….A! and it is my first time I’ll use Ubuntu …. so I have fear ..my laptop:Intel i3 2.13cuda nvidia geforce with 512 mb3 gb ram (2 DDR3 + 1DDR3).ok Saludos paz… 😀

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