Chennai 3rd stay

Yes, this is my third travel to Chennai.?? And, basically, certainly the last one…


here is my Bangalore room hotel, yes it's a backpacking tent, but a deluxe one, with a marble bathroom 🙂

Anyway, starting with some flight difficulties, all things go right now, and i've spent a quiet night in a beautiful hotel in Bangalore (thanks to David and Hureen, some business colleagues who arrange the room booking for me).?? Now I'm in Chennai in a European Standard hotel, with some comfort features like internet, swimming pool, continetanl breakfast, and so on …

I'll try to stay connected during this 2 weeks to relate all my new indian's adventures.

So, yes, A brand new project to launch into the Pneumatics manufacturer space !?? The first "First release" project to drive with Back Office, here, in Chennai, with thought constraints on time and delay ! Indian team is constitued of experimented people, but, I am sure the "First Release" Murphy's law will mishandle us a bit, or It won't be an offshored project !

Next step will be to meet the team to start first phase oif back office operations: technical designs !?? it will become a great memory, I am sure !

Stay tuned !


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