Skype is a great communication tool !

Even if 8000 kms separate me and my home, I am able to communicate in video mode with my family !Thanks Skype ! But where are the correspondent ? 🙂

Hobo: Step 4 – adding a cover image

As we've now get a running web application to manage our library, I propose you to add an image field management to our Book model.To manage this part, we are going to need 3 things:an imaging tool like mini_magick or image_magick, the paperclip p...

Chennai 3rd stay

Yes, this is my third travel to Chennai. And, basically, certainly the last is my Bangalore room hotel, yes it's a backpacking tent, but a deluxe one, with a marble bathroom :)Anyway, starting with some flight difficulties, all things g...

RedCar, it’s not a red car !

RedCar is a brand new programmer's editor ruby oriented, and ruby developed. And on of the main feature of this new text editor, it's to be JRuby compatible natively ! A good news for the multiplatform be tested to help dev team to improv...

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