Hobo, the rails next layer !

One more time, seeking the web for some fast way to produce RAD WebApp, I have found on the hobocentral.net website, the fantastic Hobo framework.  This thing is an enhancement of the Rails scripts, with some beautiful hobo_model_resource or hobo_migration scripts !

The first one produce a full feature ModelObject with administration layer, just what you need to create, retrieve, delete, update, yes, I know, just like Rails do.  But here we have more than simple rails, we have user rights management, simple crazy dryml langague to perform some beautiful and tricky design, and yes, a beatiful default design for the script generated CRUD pages !

The second one is a layer over the Rails standard migration, but not only create some ruby script to perform database model modification, ut also propose you to execute these migration automatically for you !

So, if you want to create a very simple application in a minute, just try a « gem install hobo » on your linux box or Win box or Mac box. yes…  we are in open source softawre, so the basic thing for an well feated open source software is to provide cross platform things 😉

Oh. Just one more word: all database are supported, and if you want to boost your creativity to an industrial environment, you can try to have a look to JRuby and the « Java’ification » of your rails application, some first pieces to get it work:
In a next post I’ll present my own experience with such a framework and provided tools.

Be happy, be a Hobo coder !

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