Migrate to Ubuntu for VirtualBox Purpose

To optimize resources usage, we’ve decided to use virtual machines on our development workstation, first to obey, delpoy one time and run multiple times, and in a second time, to have a workload gain during team assembling.

We’ve first used VMWare. But due to some bugs and hardware overload, we switch to VirtualBox.

And here, we match exactly the need and the tool ! A last issue must be corrected, and it’s directly linked to one of the limitiation on the Host OS : Windows XP and the RAM limit to 3Gb.

So an idea raise deep in my brain: why not switching to an other OS without such limitation : Linux ?

A new choice is now offer to our team: Debian or Ubuntu ?

As far as I know, Ubuntu rely on Debian, so this is not really a technical choice, but usability and accessibility choice. And according to my own experience with both of the systems, my opinion is going to Ubuntu with it’s strong support from Canonical and all the community, and particularly the french one (because I’m french :).

Anyway, I’m studying a small prototype to install an Ubuntu OS (9.10, maybe) on each workstation as a host system, and test communication capabilities of this with the Enteprise environement like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office… yes, in fact mainly Microsoft products.

The last release of Ubuntu, Karmic Koala 9.10 is particularly sexy on its desktop decoration and accessibility, and I’m sure that all my collegues will enjoy this new OS.

The subject is a litlle bit more complex because of the enterprise infrastructure ans its constraints: authentification, file sharing, etc…I’m sure that a lot of this feature have already been resolved.

So stay tuned, in a few time, I’ll publish some good screenshots.


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