Iceberg Office

Working in a cold atmosphere is not so easy... cOLD Hands on the keyboard and mouse often input wrong words and left click n wrong place 😉 Dear mister president, would you swith on the warm AC, please ?

Typography and the Web

Here is the most interresting presentation I've ever red on this hot subject: how to integrate types into your own web site or into your customer's website, without falling into the standard Verdana, MS Trebuchet, Tahoma, Serif and other fonts alr...

Migrate to Ubuntu for VirtualBox Purpose

To optimize resources usage, we've decided to use virtual machines on our development workstation, first to obey, delpoy one time and run multiple times, and in a second time, to have a workload gain during team assembling. We've first used VMWare...

Next games in my collection

Scanning sometime last hits from the game industry, I'm fed off with big blockbusters, the ones that everybody get and play with ! Having some game experience with smallest ones. Here are some of the next ones that will populate my own collection:...

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