Installing a subversion server and the subclipse plugin to access them all

Deploying a Java servcie center resources, I’ve to deal with a Subversion server.

here you will find my fight with this fantastic tool and how i set it up.

1. Installing the server
I start with a downlaod of a well bundle package from the official site.
now you get the file, just install the bundled setup.

2. Installing a Graphical client
From the same site I propose you to download  the TortoiseSVN  client for windows, well integrated into the Windows Explorer.

3. Subclipse your Eclipse
And as we are trying to well feat a java service center, we use the Eclipse tools. so we would need to overload it with the good plugin: subclipse .

Just edit your Eclipse menu Help -> Software updates -> Find and install
Choose « Install new features ».

And add a new Update site with the following url: .

And update your plugins.

That’s all.

Now you have all the needed tools.

4. Create a SVN repository on the server
So first, we are going to create our subversion repository with the « svnadmin create » command:
sudo svnadmin create /var/svn/myrepo
And now, please, respect the standard structure for your repository:
sudo mkdir /var/svn/myrepo/trunksudo mkdir /var/svn/myrepo/branchessudo mkdir /var/svn/myrepo/tags
5. upload your project

First, select your prefered Java runtime environment with the following command:
sudo update-alternatives --config java
Launch your favorite eclipse version:

6. work every day with svn.

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