Micro blogging, updated sites detection, and fast launching anything on my netbook running Ubuntu eee 8.04.1  is what is now possible thank to the following fabulous tools:


It’s a webkit based poster for any blog/twitter/facebook platform. Well rendered, the tool use the apple opensourced version of webkit, the HTML renderer. with a userfriendly interface, anybody can now feed its muti sourced blogs and be advertized when a known and wel configured site was updated.


It’s an old tool, but nothing replace this llittle thing which permit you tobe informed when a site was updated, giving a little mesage from the gnome panel that the site John Doe was updated.


the faster way to start anything on your laptop ! Just push the « super »+ »space » combination keys and you’ll just have to input some first letters of what you want to do, « facebook » for exemple will open your bookmark from firefox or epiphany to te facebook site, « text » will route you to the « OpenOffice Text writer » and if more than one item respond to your input, a list will appear pressing « down key », and then, just hit the « enter » or « return » key and that’s all !

[edit] Add the –mini parameter to the gnome-do command and you’ll get a well netbook feated UI !  great, thanks to Alex for the tips.

Thanks to opensource software to solve all these every day life problems 😉