Three new tools on my EeePC 900

Micro blogging, updated sites detection, and fast launching anything on my netbook running Ubuntu eee 8.04.1  is what is now possible thank to the following fabulous tools:


It’s a webkit based poster for any blog/twitter/facebook platform. Well rendered, the tool use the apple opensourced version of webkit, the HTML renderer. with a userfriendly interface, anybody can now feed its muti sourced blogs and be advertized when a known and wel configured site was updated.


It’s an old tool, but nothing replace this llittle thing which permit you tobe informed when a site was updated, giving a little mesage from the gnome panel that the site John Doe was updated.


the faster way to start anything on your laptop ! Just push the « super »+ »space » combination keys and you’ll just have to input some first letters of what you want to do, « facebook » for exemple will open your bookmark from firefox or epiphany to te facebook site, « text » will route you to the « OpenOffice Text writer » and if more than one item respond to your input, a list will appear pressing « down key », and then, just hit the « enter » or « return » key and that’s all !

[edit] Add the –mini parameter to the gnome-do command and you’ll get a well netbook feated UI !  great, thanks to Alex for the tips.

Thanks to opensource software to solve all these every day life problems 😉



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  1. You should try the mini version of the Do interface for your eeepc. We made a special UI just for small screens. Give it a whirl, glad you like our stuff 🙂

  2. Hey ! I’ve just relaunch Gnome-do with the –mini parameter. and Great, the UI is smaller and well adapted to my netbook. Thanks Alex. I’ll install one of the latest version proposing the preferences UI.

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