Travel to Bangalore Scheduled !

Now, it’s sure ! I’ll go to India next 8th of october, for 3 weeks. more than 11 hours of flight to go to Bangalore. Agrandir le plan I’ll be more versatile during my journey, I hope. I would have more thing to write to you, dear reader 😉 [EDIT] … Continuer de lire Travel to Bangalore Scheduled !

Ubuntu 8.04 on the EeePC 900

A you now, I’ve recently bought an ASUS EeePC 900 with a 16Gb SSD, with the Xandros Linux modified version. But as I’m a Geek, I’ve installed an Ubuntu version designed for this micro laptop (netbook in good engish): ubuntu-eee. But, crowling on t… Continuer de lire Ubuntu 8.04 on the EeePC 900