back into my new office !

And now, ladies and gentlemen, holidays are over, and I’m back at work, in my new Office, on a new mission.

But to forget my sadness, i’ve just bought a brand new EeePC 900, with 16Gb SSD, with a Linux  OS…

EeePC 900D, Linux Edition

And I’ve already switch to Ubuntu Eee 8.04 ! even if the webcam is not enought supported in this edition. But the next one will !

EeePC is a beautifull toy and is going to be a great desktop replacement for my old one. Ubuntu with all the sweet eyes enhancement from compiz run perfectly on this tiny PC !  that’s really great !

See the following mindmapping revealing all the existing versions of the EeePC 900:

In blue, the official ones, in orange, the self modified ones.