Holidays in France, at home !

Yep, some holidays !  Ah.. lazy frenchies… all the time in days off 🙂  Yep, you know, French people have a lot of holidays to spend where and when they want. But for my family, this time, it’s a home holidays !

De USA-Greenville

My wife which have just start with a new job last may, can’t have holiday before one year, this is our law for workers named « Code du travail ». So, I stay at home with my little one year old son, and that’s great ! having fun with him, playing with the wellknown construction game with some big bricks, driving with high speed its little cars, and more !

Being at home have some great moments !

But near end of august, i’ll go back to work for a new mission, yes, I’m a contractor, so, my job often change !  And that’s what i like with this kind of work. Meeting new people, new enterprise, new tasks, new problems to be solved, new challenge !

Working in IT is a great thing.

See yaaaa.


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