Atlanta, airport view, for 24 hours

And now, ladies and gentle man, the best of the best !  I have missed my plane for France !  because of the awfull  weather, connections between my 2 flights can’t get.

I have been rebooked on the next free flight for France tomorrow at 7.00pm !  so 23 hours to wait in a gigantic Airport. hopefully, I have a wireless connection to the net so i can inform near real time my wife about the current situation.

I am so sad not to be with my family for the first birthday of my son !!! 😦 One year !  Already one year old. My baby is not enought a baby. He is a little boy now, with 2 tooth ! He is near a "man" 🙂

"Prendre son mal en patience" as say french people. waiting is the base of the wisdom, you know…

wait and see…


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