Initializing Support for Java Development

My new mission consists in organizing and planning all the tasks linked to a Java platform development, to train and support developpers accross the world. First, identifying the good tools to manage the support. Open Source powa ! Mantis will be ...

Test of the video capabilities

Just a simple video recorded with my Nokia 6110 Navigator , a view of my laptop in my new office !

back into my new office !

And now, ladies and gentlemen, holidays are over, and I'm back at work, in my new Office, on a new mission. But to forget my sadness, i've just bought a brand new EeePC 900, with 16Gb SSD, with a Linux OS... EeePC 900D, Linux Edition And I've alre...

Holidays in France, at home !

Yep, some holidays ! Ah.. lazy frenchies... all the time in days off 🙂 Yep, you know, French people have a lot of holidays to spend where and when they want. But for my family, this time, it's a home holidays ! De USA-Greenville My wife which hav...

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