Flight to Atlanta: Delayed !

A bunch of things happens this last few days, you now ! Meet full of people (french ones and  english ones), have a diner with one friend of my friend, wich are both "expat" in the USA (Greenville). They work for one of the french big companies installed in this State.

I drive my car wich is in fact a Cabriolet, you know ?  with a convertible hard top , "ZE big Classe", you know 🙂 People look at you with big eyes like snooker balls when you open the hard top 🙂 This was great time. And I came back to my hotel from the house of my new friend at night, opened hard top, wind in the hair and bees on the tooth 🙂

Yes, fun great time !

But now, it’s time to go back to France, and hugs my missing wife and my little baby, Math. I’m so happy to find them again 🙂

I’m waiting my first flight, wich already has 1.15 hour late …  great … hope to be able to catch my connection to PAris CDG in Atlanta…

See ya sooon,  meeennn.


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