2 days without Internet, and a Downtown Tour !

What the f… ???? The wireless internet connection of my hotel didn’t work during 2 days ! Happily, just for 30 minutes it works Saturday morning, so I’ve been able to send some news by mail, and some photos.

And then, the rest of the day was spent on shopping and discovering the neighbourhood. Just a Subway at mid-time and shopping into the Haywood Mall… ouch, too much people.. and the weather was so rainy and stormy.

By the way, one of my colleague, a french guy, moved for 3 years in Greenville, invite me to a Barbecue party, yep !

Some sausages and brochettes later, we were wathing some master piece of the US TV series, like My name is Earl. At midnight, back to the hotel, and sleeeeeeep 🙂

This morning (sunday), The same colleague drive me (by force ? 🙂 to a Gigantic Sports Club, near its subdivision, Awasome !!!!! like all the others things, it’s follow the american standard (huge) size. So, riding and running on some Torture’s apperels, and then Hamam, and shower and back to the hotel. Sleep, no, in fact,  that was just a try, but can’t. So getting a Local Free Guide from the receptionist, and go to visit !

9-10 km of highway, and there I am ! River Fall Park. a great place with gentle people, a family place ! A lot of child play into the water , near the falls 😉 the park is a real cool place. and i’ts a geek place, there is a short place where is located a HotSpot to connect through Wifi. It’s a McGivrer’s place, you know 🙂

And after some long minutes under a too hot sun, I’ve run to my car to get refreshed by the sweet air-conditioning !

And drive back by some small road, throught subdivisions near Pelham rd. You know what, I met "Wisteria Lane" 🙂


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