Second day

My second day in South Carolina was better. a good night, like a mars, and "ca repart" like the french advertising.

People I met are alway quiet and patient with my poor english. But i progress every minutes 🙂 The morning was quiet productive and all the laptops for the training were well feated to permit our attendees to do all the training in good conditions. only one doubt subsist is how will the network work in the room where I will perform the training. Wired and wireless issues may occured, go and see…

One of my US colleague invite me for the lunch to a "typical" America Burger dealer 🙂 and that was fun to test this. The smallest burger porposed was twice the size of the usual burger in France, an this burger was served with french fries …. i don’t know why they call these French fries …

Now, this evening, I’m too tired to go somewhere, I think I’ll go for diner in a restorant arrounfd the Hotel and then, stay in my room, watch the prolific US TV with its numerous channels, play DS, surf on the Net, to be unstress and ready to teach the light to my attendees 😉 As say our guru T.F. : we have to evangelize our developers 😉 about our Java technology.

so, to be continued …

note: If i can, i’ll add some pictures in the week end.


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