Jet lag night !

Here I Am !

Yes, I’m in Greenville, SC ! Since yesterday (22.07.2008) I live with american time. The first thing I notice, out of the Atlanta airport, getting another flight, is the HEAT !  more than 34°C ! ouch ! It’s too hot. And the plane, just started minutes ago, is not enought refresh with its own climatizor !  I felt like a fish in its can, heat on a gaz !

One hour later, landing in the Greenville airport, i can only notice that my baggage was not in my plane … ok, no problem, baggage claim, where is my luggage please ? and someone, very quiet and helpful indicate me that it will come in one hour, on the next flight. ok, I have time to get my rent car… my driving license ? where is it ? ohhh maannnnn (like my co-fligther say when she see that she will set down exactly face off the lavatory in the plane 😉 

So, yes, I am a newby.. i forgot my driving license in France. happyly, my wife is an expert in extreme supply chain problem, and get quickly the good solution => UPS 😉 I’ll get the precious mail on fridy 25 !!  Thanks Nath, you are my super heroes !

And then, go bed at 7:00pm, too exhausted… sleep like baby to 3:00am and … awakening !  and try to sleep more … and reawake every half-hour …

So, my first day in the USA will be a loooonnngg one 🙂

All the tasks in my job day have been in a good karma, all is ok. delight with Rational tools installtion, and erratic laptops switching between "all is ok" and a well known "blue screen" when using the DVD dirve … But I’m tired again. aaaah.. Jet lag … a pleasure 😉 but I reach a good score: 5 laptops are well installed and work on the 6 to be prepared. Tomorrow will be "a network and printer" one. Printing numerous presentations (powerpoint powa).

Some of my co-frenchy-workers invite me to go to restaurant, an italian one ? i took Penne Rustica , with an insalada… too much. Only Penne Rustica for the next time 😉

And now i’m back to my room in the hotel, ready to go to bed, and it’s 9:00pm, better than yesterday !

See you for the next day report 😉


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