Flight to Atlanta: Delayed !

A bunch of things happens this last few days, you now ! Meet full of people (french ones and english ones), have a diner with one friend of my friend, wich are both "expat" in the USA (Greenville). They work for one of the french big companies ins...


2 days without Internet, and a Downtown Tour !

What the f... ???? The wireless internet connection of my hotel didn't work during 2 days ! Happily, just for 30 minutes it works Saturday morning, so I've been able to send some news by mail, and some photos. And then, the rest of the day was spe...

Second day

My second day in South Carolina was better. a good night, like a mars, and "ca repart" like the french advertising. People I met are alway quiet and patient with my poor english. But i progress every minutes 🙂 The morning was quiet productive and...


Jet lag night !

Here I Am ! Yes, I'm in Greenville, SC ! Since yesterday (22.07.2008) I live with american time. The first thing I notice, out of the Atlanta airport, getting another flight, is the HEAT ! more than 34 ?C ! ouch ! It's too hot. And the plane, just...


My USA Travel Diary

I'm happy to announce the creation of my US journey diary 😉 Here you will be able to found each day of my work/life in Greenville, SC, USA. I hope I won't bother you with my feelings 😉 Departure on July, the 22nd, 2008, 6.35am, France. Tomorrow ...


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